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Nazilli Chamber of Commerce is a non-governmental organization that serves its members. The Chamber of Commerce has fifteen employees; Secretary General , Deputy Secretary General , General Coordinator, Investment Support Officer, Trade Registry Manager, two Trade Registry Deputy Managers, Accounting and Collection Officer, Chamber Registrar, Quality Management Representative, IT Officer, Statistics Officer, Consultant, Presidency Secretary and auxiliary services personnel.

In our Nazilli Chamber of Commerce; Nazilli and the surrounding 6 districts (Bozdoğan, Buharkent, Kuyucak, Karacasu, Yenipazar, Sultanhisar) are our responsibility areas. We have a board of directors, chaired by Nuri ARSLAN and consisting of nine members, and a assembly chaired by Süleyman Gürbüz, consisting of thirty-three members.

We have twelve professional committees, each with a chairman and five or seven members. There are approximately 3339 active members in our chamber; In Turkey, it is a legal obligation for a commercial enterprise or company to register with Chambers of Commerce.

When we look at the service issues of our institution; transactions related to chamber and trade registry; capacity report and construction machine registration procedures; approval of documents used in export (A.TR, EUR 1, Certificate of Origin, etc), It is seen that we do courses such as the use of KOSGEB government support and loans, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate Consultancy, Foreign Trade, Business English. The Chamber is the information point for institutions and organizations such as KOSGEB, GEKA, TKDK. It participates in various projects in collaboration with other chambers, public institutions and organizations, schools and municipalities.

When we look at our members in general, we see that our 4574 members consist of 401 Joint Stock Companies, 190 cooperatives, 1737 limited companies, 2234 individual companies and other company structures.

When we look at our area of responsibility (Nazilli and the surrounding 6 districts); We see that our members are generally engaged in agriculture and agriculture-based industry-trade activities (approximately 75% of our members). The products most grown, processed and packaged by our members are chestnut, dried fig, cotton, olive and olive oil. We see that our registered members export more than $ 276 million.

Our Vision

In the 2022-2025 strategic plan period; To increase the competitiveness of our members in national and international markets by leading the economic, social and cultural transformation and development of our members, to be a leading institution that creates added value in our field of responsibility

Our Mission

To provide efficient and quality services that will solve the problems of our Members and meet their needs and expectations, in line with the Law No. 5174 and related regulations and other applicable legislation. To carry out activities in a way that will add value to the regional economy and the national economy, to provide service with a friendly, innovative, reliable and quality understanding.

Our Quality Policy

  • To fully fulfill the duties and activities specified in the Law No. 5174 and related regulations and the Turkish Commercial Law, to comply with the quality management system and the terms of the Accreditation
  • System and to make continuous improvements
  • To provide complete registration and certification services, by following technological developments, to create the necessary infrastructure and working environment in order to increase the level of satisfaction of members
  • Creating the necessary staff for the continuity and quality of the service. Giving importance to motivation with personnel training in increasing efficiency
  • To create a suitable environment for teamwork where employees can share their experiences. Continuing on the road with employees who support innovative service understanding and Total Quality
  • Ensuring the development of commercial and industrial life within its jurisdiction.
  • To continuously guide its members in order to facilitate the global economic harmony
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