Our Policies

Human Resources Policy

Nazilli Chamber of Commerce; Plans human resources with the belief that its goals and objectives will be achieved through the contributions of employees. Recruit, assign, train and strengthen the appropriate person for the appropriate job, carry out career planning work, ensure career development. Adopts human resources practices in compliance with legal regulations to improve employee engagement by increasing motivation. It ensures the healthy flow of information, coordination and communication between units for the effectiveness of applications.

Our Chamber with this policy;

  • Our Chamber with this policy;
  • Observing the rights and responsibilities of our personnel, acting in accordance with other legal regulations, especially labor law
  • To employ a sufficient number of personnel specified in the staff list in line with the resources of our chamber
  • Continuous improvement of the working environment of our staff within the bounds of possibility
  • To prepare an environment of continuous professional and personal development with in-service trainings
  • To carry out a wage policy in line with the responsibility, risk, experience and merit required by the job description
  • To give priority the loyalty to the institution and motivation of employees
  • To consider employee suggestions and expectations
  • To create equal opportunities among employees
  • Being selective in recruitment and promotion processes
  • To give employees the opportunity to use their potential and abilities
  • It is committed to continuous improvement by constantly reviewing its Human Resources Policy.

Communication Policy

Nazilli Chamber of Commerce in communication; to ensure continuity in communication with its members, to pay attention to face-to-face communication, to perform member visits within this scope, to benefit from all kinds of communication facilities required by technology, to use visual, written and social media, it is aimed to announce the developments to the members effectively about the business world and business life,

Our Chamber with this policy;;

  • The most important support factor for participatory management and administration is communication
  • Aims to establish a sustainable relationship based on mutual trust, respect and openness with all its stakeholders, both inside and outside the Chamber.
  • To publish the vision, mission and quality policy of our chamber on various platforms
  • Considering all our stakeholders; aims to share information correctly
  • Our activities, events, training and organizations aimed at meeting the basic expectations of our stakeholders; to share these on the Annual Report, Newsletter, website and social media
  • To share all kinds of updated and accurate information that our members need during their activities, as well as the opinions and suggestions of our chamber, and the news activities and projects of the members.
  • It is open to all possible activities and trainings that will contribute to the personal development of our staff and improve the effectiveness of the existing communication
  • Our chamber considers the communication needs and expectations of our staff and members; it is committed to determine communication instructions and policies in this direction.

information Technologies Policy

To ensure the development of our chamber by following the technology and to continuously improve our member services. In this context, the "Information Technologies Policy" in our Chamber of Commerce is implemented according to the following principles:/p>

  • Determining technical devices, programs and annual computer consumables according to need, obtaining offers, purchasing and making them available
  • Organizing warranty, maintenance, repair and service work for technical equipment. Obtaining technical support services to prevent or solve problems that may occur.
  • Management and continuous development of the established network system
  • Providing information to the personnel working in the units about the new programs to be used, so that the software can be used by all units
  • Following the documents of the IT unit, informing about the system when and where necessary
  • Keeping the backups of the data on the server periodically and protecting the data from external influences, especially viruses
  • Following the developing technology, receiving trainings and adapting innovations to the information processing system
  • Managing the web pages of our room and updating it frequently to provide the highest benefit to the members.

Complaints Management Policy

Our chamber has a legal personality subject to the law numbered 5174, It is a professional organization in the nature of a public institution. We continuously improve our processes in order to ensure the satisfaction of our members and to increase the quality of the services we offer.

In line with continuous improvements, any complaints about the services of our room; We handle complaints in accordance with the principles of our "Complaints Management Policy" created within the framework of the satisfaction of our members.

These are our principles :

Transparency : It is the announcement of information on how and where complaints will be handled, It means that all activities are carried out clearly and without any confidentiality.

Accessibility: The process of handling complaints is easily accessible to all members. Our members can reach us for their complaints by using any of the communication tools (our website, phone, e-mail, member satisfaction survey).

Responsiveness: Complainant is immediately notified that the complaint has been received. Complainant is informed about the progress and result of the complaint.

Objectivity: Each complaint is handled carefully, fairly and objectively. The process is followed until the complaint is closed.

Privacy: All kinds of personal information about our members are kept confidential and cannot be shared with third parties without their permission.

Compliance with Laws: All kinds of work are done fairly in accordance with the law, paying attention to the values of equality.

Fees: No fee is charged for evaluating complaints, questions and requests and reaching a result.

Member Focused Approach: Within the framework of our chamber policy and legal requirements, applicable solutions are offered to our members' complaints, questions and requests.

Accountability:Complaints, questions and requests are recorded and our members are informed.

Continuous improvement: Feedback and good practice examples from our members are used in the improvement and development of our work processes, and a member-oriented approach is followed.

Nazilli Chamber of Commerce undertakes to monitor complaints until all reasonable solutions are exhausted and satisfy its members, it is committed to meeting member expectations by resolving complaints and evaluating them objectively.

Member Relations Policy

Our chamber prioritizes member satisfaction in accordance with the quality management system, and determines goals and plans in line with the demands, suggestions, needs, requests and complaints of our members. To build a system focused on member relations and member satisfaction, where the goals and plans we have set are evaluated quickly and effectively and the necessary improvements are made to prevent any dissatisfaction from occurring again. With this system, it is aimed to follow a solution-oriented policy in line with transparent and accountable principles.

Our Chamber of Commerce with this policy,

  • It ensures that the necessary communication channels in our room are always open so that chamber members can access the information they want.
  • It undertakes to protect the confidentiality of member or personal information and to ensure the accuracy of the information it produces.
  • It undertakes that all transactions will be treated fairly and without prejudice without discrimination between members.
  • It undertakes that the members of the management body and the employees will fulfill their duties in accordance with the "Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Law" numbered 5174.
  • It undertakes that the registry information, financial information, statistical information and other various information of the chamber members will always be kept up to date
  • It undertakes that the chamber will provide continuous training to its employees and members in accordance with technological innovations and new management systems.
  • It undertakes to always carry its service quality one step further by following the technological developments.
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