Our Region

Our Region

Nazilli, Bozdoğan, Sultanhisar, Yenipazar, Karacasu, Kuyucak and Buharkent districts, which are in our area of responsibility, have hosted many states in history. Our region has become known as the “City of Long-Living People” due to its natural vegetation and living conditions. Although its mountains are parallel to the sea, it has wide and fertile plains. 

If we talk about the general characteristics of our districts;



Yeşil incir stok fotoğraflar | Yeşil incir telifsiz resimler ...

Fig, the symbol of the region and 65% of the country’s exports are produced in our region. The region with the quality and capacity superiority, takes first place in Turkey’s fig production. Temperature, humidity and wind conditions affect the quality during the ripening period of the fruit. In our area of responsibility, the highest quality figs are grown and exported to many countries. It is a fruit with high added value including fresh figs, dried figs, fig chips, fig flour, canned figs, fig syrup, fig seed oil, fig vinegar, fig roll and fig molasses.


zeytin ve zeytinyağı |  ...

It is an important food and trade item belonging to a tree that can live for thousands of years. This product, which we use as wooden spoons and toys from its tree, fuel from its pulp, medicine from its leaves, olive oil from its juice, and its fruit as food, is very important in the economy of the region. Many businesses in our area of responsibility process the grown products and contribute to the economy of the region.


çilek ve çilekler |  ...

Especially strawberries grown in our district of Sultanhisar; It is exported to many countries including Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Middle East and Iran. Strawberry chips are also produced and added value to the strawberry.


kestane |  ...

Chestnut cultivation is common in mountainous regions and plateaus, especially on north facing slopes.Although Bursa province has come to the forefront in Chestnut production, our region makes 30% of Turkey’s Chestnut production.


pamuk |  ...

The best quality cotton in the world in terms of fiber quality, which is the livelihood of many families, is produced in our region. It is the raw material of the textile industry and one of our first-degree export products.


enginar|  ...

Artichoke, whose importance has been adopted more in recent years, is one of the foods consumed by our people in the region. This food, which is consumed in different ways, is of great importance for health.


enginar|  ...

Citrus or citrus is a plant community that includes “citrus” type fruit tree species with high economic value such as orange, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit and citrus. Thanks to the vitamin C it contains, it prevents cell damage and fights free radicals that cause cancer. It establishes the immune system and protects against microorganisms. He finished his eye procedures by slowing down age-related macular degeneration. It is grown in the citrus fruits region, which originates from many countries, especially Russia, Iraq, Georgia and Ukraine.

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The method of storing food by drying is one of the first food storage methods discovered by human beings. Dry foods that lose 80-90% of their water content by drying in the sun can stay at room temperature for a very long time without spoiling. These dry foods, which preserve all their nutritional elements after the drying process, become richer in terms of vitamins and minerals and increase the body’s resistance. These dry foods, which strengthen the body’s immune system against diseases and play an important role in providing the body with the necessary energy, are produced in our region


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Fig culture is one of the fruits with the oldest development history among the cultural fruits in Anatolia dating back to as old as the history of humanity. Fig production is carried out in a very limited number of countries in the world, and the most suitable regions for the cultivation of figs are the Büyük and Küçük Menderes basins, which are located in our area of responsibility.


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Chestnut, which our responsibility area is the leader in the production of our country, has many nutrients that contribute to the nutrition of people in parallel with its satiating feature. Chestnut sugar made from chestnuts, which is a food with a very high potassium content, activates the heart and muscle system, is an antioxidant, and purifies the body. In addition, chestnut candy can be a sweet choice that will make you feel good, both in terms of body and soul.


enginar|  ...

Cherry is a very useful food in terms of vitamin C and antioxidants. By reducing inflammation, it helps protect heart health and contributes to the improvement of sleep patterns. Cherry is known as a small, round and dark red stone fruit found in the season from June to July. Depending on the variety, cherries, which vary in size and flavor, are grown in our region.


enginar|  ...

Pomegranate has many positive effects both in the prevention of diseases and in improving health. In addition to its consumption as a fruit, freshly squeezed pomegranate juice and pomegranate syrup obtained from pomegranate juice are used in meals and salads. Pomegranate, a fruit grown in tropical and subtropical climate zones, is also grown in our region.



 mermer | mermerin fabrikası ...

Bozdoğan: Barite, Protilite, Quartz, Talc, Quartzite, Mica, Manganese, Dolamite, Mineral coal, Iron, lead, Rutile.

Karacasu: Dolamite, Quartz, Kyanite, Emery, Lead, Iron

Kuyucak: Lead, talc, mica, coal.

Nazilli: Copper, coal, quartz, talc, mercury, gold, silver

Sultanhisar: Mineral coal, granite.

Yenipazar: Strontium, Mineral coal reserves are available

Marble activities are among the sectors that show the most activity. Marble enterprises are mostly located in Bozdoğan district.


 mermer | mermerin fabrikası ...

We have a factory that continues its activities with the largest employment capacity in Nazilli District and export capacity worldwide.


 su| su fabrikası ...

We have a region rich in underground water resources. Many water factories, which are in the potable water list, are actively operating.


 kadın  ve kadın Kooperatifi | Girişimi ...

Women’s Cooperatives established in our region continue their activities for the processing of local and natural products and the production of handcrafted products and guide our women who strive to exist in the economy.


 | Girişimi ...

One of the important and historical occupations of Karacasu district, which is in our area of responsibility, is leather making. The abundant growth of bonito, which is the raw material of tanning, in the region has made it possible to open tanneries in our district. Waketa leather, which is completely unique to the region, is produced here. The leathers of the sandals worn by many of our citizens are produced in Karacasu and sent to the country and abroad.

Bristle Tent

 kadın  ve kadın Kooperatifi | Girişimi ...

In our Bozdoğan district, which is in our area of responsibility, bristle tents have been produced for many years. The bristle tent has a very strong and useful structure in terms of its features. The bristle tents, which are a great cultural heritage from the past to the present, are produced from Cashmere goat hair. The bristle tents are airtight and keep a constant cool air inside or under the bristle tent. Bristle tents are resistant to harsh weather conditions. Goat hair is sensitive to snakes, scorpions and other insects as a result of its creation. No insect can take shelter and enter inside the hair tents.


 kadın  ve kadın Kooperatifi | Girişimi ...

Karacasu Pottery, which was registered as a geographically indicated product by the Nazilli Chamber of Commerce, made in our Karacasu district, which is in our area of ​​responsibility, is a work made since the Neolithic Age. What makes Karacasu pottery different is that the red soil, which is unique to the region, is dark red in color and does not contain harmful chemicals. As of now, we have 37 ceramic quarries and over 100 masters who practice this profession, which is passed down from father to son. The children of our masters learn to sit on the lathe and shape the clay at a very young age. It is possible to find many and various types of ceramic products in our district at very reasonable prices. The most commonly made of these are the casserole, jug, glass and the containers made for rice pudding in the oven.

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