• 2020

    Nazilli Pdesi Obtained Geographical Indication.
  • 2020

    Real Estate Professional Qualification Certificates started to be given.
  • 2020

    “Nazilli Long Life Village” Feasibility report was prepared.
  • 2019

    Geographical Indications of Karacasu Keskek - Karacasu Pottery and Bozdoğan Sausage have been registered.
  • 2019

    For the first time, a consultation meeting was held with the Branch Managers of the banks in order for the Members to access appropriate financial opportunities more easily.
  • 2018

    A geographical indication has been registered for Nazilli Frozen Halvah.
  • 2017

    Professional Competence Certificate service started to be provided in cooperation with NTO & MEYBEM.
  • 2017

    Sister Chamber protocol signed with Antakya TSO
  • 2016

    Fig Chips and Fig Flour Patents were registered.
  • 2016

    Consultation meeting was held for the first time with District Governors and Mayors in our Area of Responsibility.
  • 2016

    First Consultation Meeting with Regional Tradesmen Chambers Representatives
  • 2016

    New Service Building has been completed and started to serve.
  • 2015

    "Nazilli Long Life Village" Project was announced.
  • 2014

    With the GEKA project, Nazilli EML's Lathe Workshop Machines were renewed.
  • 2013

    The promotional films titled "Heaven's Reflection", "Nysa Waits" were made with the GEKA project.
  • 2013

    The logo of the room was renewed and Corporate Change was initiated.
  • 2012

    Employment Agency Service Point and TOBB DEİK Representation Office opened
  • 2012

    Qualified for TOBB Accreditation Certificate
  • 2012

    The first international fair organization supported by Kosgeb was held
  • 2009

    ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate was obtained
  • 2006

    "KOSGEB Synergy Focus" started to serve in our chamber
  • 2004

    The TOBB Law No. 5174 has been published. NTO updated its services by adapting to the new law
  • 1998

    Nazilli OIZ Legal Entity was established and NTO participated with 34% of the shares.
  • 1996

    New Service Office opened in Karaçay district
  • 1993

    NTO President İrfan BERKE became the first person to be selected as a Member of the TOBB Board of Directors from Aydın
  • 1988

    The region's first 4-star hotel was built and put into service by NTO.
  • 1968

    The authority and responsibility area of NTO (Bozdoğan, Yenipazar, Sultanhisar, Kuyucak, Karacasu and Buharkent districts separate from Nazilli center) were determined by the Ministry of Justice.
  • 1966

    It was decided to establish a Commodity Exchange in Nazilli and an application was made to TOBB and the Ministry of Commerce.
  • 1950

    The TOBB Law numbered 5590 was published and the Chamber, which served as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry until this date, was officially designated as the Chamber of Commerce and the registration files were received from the Aydın Trade Registry Directorate in the same year.
  • 1924

    Nazilli Chamber of Commerce and Industry started its service as a unit affiliated to Izmir Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Commerce.
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