MEYBEM, Vocational Qualification Certificate

MEYBEM, Vocational Qualification Certificate

Established by TOBB and authorized by the Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK), MEYBEM A.Ş. performs the “Vocational Qualification Certificate” exams in Nazilli in cooperation with our Chamber. Nazilli Chamber of Commerce is an authorized business partner of MEYBEM.

MEYBEM Vocational Qualification and Certification Centers Company, which was established by TOBB to conduct examinations and certification in dangerous and very dangerous works, has received the examination and certification authority from the Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK) in 19 branches such as construction, metal and elevator sectors. Those who are successful in the exams held in our district by MEYBEM A.Ş. in cooperation with our Chamber are given “Professional Qualification Certificate”. 

With the amendment made in the Vocational Qualifications Authority Law No. 5544, it has become mandatory for those who work in dangerous and very dangerous professions to be determined by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and those who want to work, to obtain a professional qualification certificate. With the regulations published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, vocational qualification certificates have become mandatory in 48 professions.

In case of employing people who do not have a “Professional Qualification Certificate” in dangerous and very dangerous professions, a fine has been imposed as of 01.01.2017. Exam fees for 48 occupations specified in the regulation published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security will be provided by the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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