Bozdogan Walnut Sausage

Bozdogan Walnut Sausage

Registration number : 611 

Registration date: 30.11.2020 

Application number : C2019/030 

Application date : 12.03.2019 

Geographical indication name : Bozdogan Walnut Sausage 

Product / Product Group : Walnut Sausage / Chocolate, confectionery and derivative products

Type of geographical indication : Geographical sign 

Registrant: Nazilli Chamber of Commerce

Registrant’s Address : Yeni Sanayi Mah. Şehit Naci Ülker Bulvarı No:18/A Nazilli AYDIN 

Geographical Border : Bozdogan and Nazilli and other Aydın provincial districts

Description and Distinctive Features of the Product:

Bozdogan Walnut Sausage; It is a sugary product made with wheat starch, drinking water, white granulated sugar and walnut kernels. Bozdogan Walnut Sausage is about 15 cm long and has a thick middle and both ends are thinner than the middle part. The reason why the product is named as sausage; This is because the shape of the dessert after cooling is likened to sausage. The preparation of the product with traditional methods, the shape given to the product, the characteristic color and taste of the product stand out as the distinctive features of the product.

Bozdogan Walnut Sausage in the region; It is a product that has been known since the pre-republic period and was made to feed young children in the houses during the war and famine periods, and later became a subject of trade. Its appearance is dull and dull, and its color is cream-white.

Production Method:

Ingredient List: Spring water, walnut kernels, wheat starch and white granulated sugar.

Preparation of the Product: 2.5 cups (approximately 0.5 kg) of white granulated sugar, 3 cups (approximately 0.5 kg) of wheat starch are added to 1 liter of water and cooked by mixing until it reaches a dense consistency. At least 100 grams of walnut lined rope is dipped into the sweet mixture that boils and has the desired consistency and hanged to dry. Since the product is hung and dried, the strength of the rope used is important. In addition, the rope used must be suitable for contact with food. The dessert , which has dried sufficiently on the string, is dipped into the sweet mixture again. This process is repeated 3-4 times and the rope with a sweet is hung on a high place and dried. Production of Bozdogan Walnut Sausage is thus completed. In the preparation of Bozdogan Walnut Sausage, food additives, flavoring and flavoring food ingredients are not used.

Storage and Preservation: Bozdogan Walnut Sausage is kept in clean and dry places, free of odors, protected from direct sunlight at all stages until it is delivered to the consumer. Recommended consumption date of Bozdogan Walnut Sausage; 4 days from the production date under room temperature conditions, and 7 days under refrigerator conditions.

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