Nazilli Frozen Halvah

Nazilli Frozen Halvah

Application Date : 09.03.2012

Application Number : C2012/055

Geographical Indication Name: Nazilli Frozen Halvah

Name of the product : Frozen Halvah 

Type of geographical indication : Geographical sign

Applicant : Nazilli Chamber of Commerce

Applicant’s address : Karaçay Mah. Reşit Galip Cad. No:1 Nazilli / AYDIN

Geographical Border : Nazilli, Kuyucak, Karacasu, Bozdoğan, Yenipazar, Sultanhisar, Buharkent

How to use : Marking

Description and Distinctive Features of the Product:

Nazilli Frozen Halvah is a refreshing drink consumed in the center of Aydin Province and the six districts surrounding Nazilli (Kuyucak, Karacasu, Bozdoğan, Yenipazar, Sultanhisar, Buharkent), especially in summer. Natural snow and cherry syrup are the two main components of the product. The use of natural snow and cherry syrup obtained from the high mountain villages and plateaus of Nazilli in the production of Nazilli Frozen Halvah gives the product a distinctive feature.

Production method

Natural snow obtained from the high mountain villages and plateaus of Nazilli is used for making Frozen Halvah. At the beginning of the winter season and especially after the first snowfall, the snow accumulated in the snow wells dug in the nooks of the hills in the 1800-meter high Aydın Mountains is used. The wells are covered with oak leaves so that the snow does not melt. Snow kept in this way can be used until the end of summer. The first snowfall is not used in the production of frozen halvah. The snow stuck in the well is cut into molds with pocket knives or similar tools to be used for halvah and filled into sacks. Sacks, which are tightly closed, are given to vendors to be sold during the summer season. The profit prepared to be used must comply with the Turkish Food Codex 2009/6 Microbiological Criteria Communiqué. The cherry syrup used in the production of “Nazilli Snow Halva” is prepared by adding drinking water to the jam in accordance with the definition of “traditional jam” within the scope of the “Jam, Jelly Marmalade and Sweetened Chestnut Puree Communiqué” numbered 2006/55. It is made with cherry fruit collected during the jam season. There is no distinction regarding the type of sour cherry and the region from which it is obtained. Generally, sour cherries obtained from Nazilli and its close regions are used, but sour cherry fruit obtained from outside the region is also used. One to one powder sugar is added to the washed and separated sour cherries. (for example, 5 kg granulated sugar for 5 kg cherries). A row of sour cherries and a row of powdered sugar are placed in a bowl and all the material is put and the lid of the container is closed and waited for 1 day. The mixture obtained as a result of leaving the juice of the cherry waiting in sugar is boiled over high heat until it reaches the consistency of jam. The cooked mixture is passed through a sieve to separate it from the pulp and beans. The fruit rate of cherry jam used in making cherry syrup should be at least 35% and at most 50%. The sour cherry syrup can be placed in jars or glass bottles and kept in the refrigerator. The syrup should be dark red, reflecting the fruit’s own color, and should not contain any synthetic or natural colorants. Cherry syrup prepared for use must be in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex 2009/6 Microbiological Criteria Communiqué. Nazilli Frozen Halvah is prepared in a glass cup and served with a dessert spoon. The reason for the preparation of the product in a glass cup is that the glass keeps the cold for a longer time and provides the appetizing color that is formed as a result of mixing the snow particles with cherry syrup.Nazilli Frozen Halvah should be consumed as soon as it is prepared. If it is kept or stored in refrigerators and similar places to be eaten later, it loses its taste and feature. The biggest distinguishing feature of Nazilli Frozen Halvah is that the snow used in the production of the product is the natural snow obtained from the high mountain villages and plateaus of Nazilli. The snow is filled into the glass with a small shovel at the rate of approximately 2/3 of the glass glass used during the presentation. The filled snow should not be clumped or formed into an ice mold in the glass.The glass is filled completely by adding previously prepared cold cherry syrup on it.

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