Karacasu / Dedebag Keskek

Karacasu / Dedebag Keskek

Application number : C2019/140 

Application date: 01.10.2019 

Name of the geographical indication : Dedebag Keskek

Product / Product Group : Keskek / Meals and Soups

Type of Geographical Indication : Geographical sign

Applicant: Nazilli Chamber of Commerce

Applicant’s Address : Yeni Sanayi Mah. Şehit Naci Ülker Bulvarı No:18/A Nazilli AYDIN 

Geographical border : Aydın Province, Karacasu District

Description and Distinctive Features of the Product

Dedebag Keskek; It is a dish specific to the region, which has been made in Dedebag Plateau for centuries, assuming a historical personality that gave the plateau its name. This keskek, which is made as a charity meal in the name of Dedebag, whose tomb is in the same place, is known with the same name. The product is one of the important values of the region, starting with the donation of a philanthropist named Dedebağ, whose main profession is a shepherd, to the caravans passing through the region, to the poor and the homeless. After his death, the charity meal that his relatives and the people of the region continued with the cooperation method has reached today and has become a custom of the region. The local people work together in the supply of materials and the making of keskek.

Dedebag Keskek; It has been built for seven centuries on the plateau, where Dedebag’s tomb is also located. The name of the plateau in official records is Dedebag. In the form of an organization known as “Dedebag Keskek Hayrı”, it is held in the Dedebag Plateau of Karacasu district every year in the last week of August.

Carcass meat obtained from young male goats is used in production. Generally, males that reach 20 kg weight are preferred. In Dedebag Keskek certainly does not use any other meat. The wheat used can be ashoura or split wheat.

Dedebag Keskek is made by pounding with a long and skillful method. When it is cooked, it is desirable to have a paste and stretch like chewing gum. Meat and wheat are identified in a homogeneous, non-juicy way. Goat meat gives the Keskek its unique flavor. Since it is generally made in wood fire and copper boilers, it has a unique flavor of smoky. Dedebag Keskek; It is made in the same way and using the same components seven centuries ago, no mechanical or electrical tools are used.

The production method in the preparation of Keskek (using the components used and making it by pounding) is the most important characteristic of Dedebag Keskek. 

In the presentation of Dedebag Keskek, usually a sauce made of fresh pepper, olive oil and garlic, known as a tarator, is used. In addition, butter mixed with red pepper is added to it, preferably while serving, hot.

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