Nazilli Chamber of Commerce Completes the Selection Process

Nazilli Chamber of Commerce Completes the Selection Process

The Official Election Process, which started with the Elections of the Committee Members and Assembly Members on October 01, 2022, was completed with the Election of the President and Vice-Presidents at the First Meeting of the Chamber Assembly.

The process of organ elections, which the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges affiliated to the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey must make every 4 years and in the October-November period in accordance with the law numbered 5174, was initiated by the NTO on 01.October.2022 under the supervision and supervision of the District Election Board Presidency.

In elections where active members registered with the Chamber of Commerce vote; President and members of the Board of Directors, Chamber Assembly President and Assembly members, Committee Members, Disciplinary Committee Members and TOBB Delegates were re-determined.

Nuri ARSLAN, Chairman of the Board of Directors, made a statement regarding the completion of the election process; Nazilli Chamber of Commerce elections, which were held under the supervision of the judiciary, were completed without any problems under the TOBB Law No. 5174, the instructions of the ministry and the supervision of the Election Board. For this reason, besides fulfilling the responsibility of completing our elections in accordance with the legislation and rules, we are very happy that our members have been reappointed by showing favor.

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